Where innovation is a tradition

Our success is built upon the high standards that we expect from ourselves.

Our long years of technical experience within the building industry and the multitude of findings and expertise gained have provided us with valuable material for the development of additional innovative system solutions and the optimisation of our existing products.

We have one aim in mind: the satisfaction of tradesmen, architects and our family of property developers. We work continuously on the development of new product ideas and system innovations to make your home an even better place to live in whilst not forgetting our duty to use our environment’s valuable raw material resources responsibly.

Our building products and system solutions are tested for their durability and quality and are subject to independent third-party controls. Our current test certifications and technical approvals combined with our many years of experience ensure reliability and the peace of mind of knowing you have made a good choice.

UNGER-DIFFUTHERM – The success story began in 1989. The Name for environmentally-friendly, innovative insulation system solutions for increased quality of life and climate protection for Mother Earth.

made in germany ce din mfpa
Made in Germany CE-conformity

DIN 13171


Tested and certified



Stores CO2 Building authority
Quality controlled



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