Milestones - Unger-Diffutherm GmbH

The 70's and 80's
  • The student Bernd Unger is well known among his circle of friends for his thermal and electromechanical inventions.
  • He concentrates his interest on the production of electricity through temperature differences (Peltier-elements) as well as energy-saving building technologies.
  • He regularly fascinates those around him with similar new ideas and inventions.
  • Even at this early stage the name Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Unger stands for innovative inventions which are ahead of their time.
  • The beginnings of today’s established company Unger Diffutherm take shape in a modest two room flat.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Unger involves himself in the analysis of flaws in building construction.
  • Tests are undertaken on various combinations of building materials.
  • Already at this point the inventor has restricted his focus to ecologically-friendly building materials.
  • He revolutionised the use of the building material wood to create high-performance products.
  • The idea for a directly-renderable wood-fibre board was born.
  • The company Unger starts the first line of tests on wood-fibre insulation boards.
  • A manufacturer for large-scale production is found.
  • The seminars and training courses offered by the developer Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Unger rouse great interest among architects and developers.
  • The first masonry buildings are insulated.
  • The wife of the founder of Unger Diffutherm, Karin Unger, now takes on an active role within the company.
  • She is to this day still responsible for all commercial aspects of the company.
  • The first UNGER-DIFFUTHERM boards for internal test purposes are manufactured.
  • The performance of the revolutionary sandwich-layer insulation boards inspire the researcher and developer to new heights.
  • New ideas for a compatible render are evolved.
  • The self-produced fine-renders are integrated.
  • Dipl.–Ing. Bernd Unger makes the pace.
  • Further buildings are insulated –both masonry and timber constructions.
  • Research projects for wood-fibre with a render coating are undertaken in collaboration with institutes such as the Technical University Dresden, the Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut in Braunschweig and the Materials Testing Institute.
  • These achieve very impressive results.
  • The first insulation element from UNGER-DIFFUTHERM that can be directly rendered is presented and explained in training courses.
  • The company is represented for the first time at international building exhibitions in Germany.
  • The first list of specifications for products is produced.
  • The company Unger Diffutherm is now recognised as a competitor within the insulation industry.
  • The numerous information seminars show their first effects.
  • An application was made for a Building Inspectorate approval for the system for mineral substrates and timber bearer constructions to the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBT) in Berlin.
  • An approval was regarded at this time as impossible.
  • At a high cost and level of effort, further buildings of all construction types were insulated on the basis of individual approvals.
  • After successfully completing a commercial degree the daughter, Anka Unger, joined the company.
  • She took on the full responsibility for sales within Germany.
  • After an uncountable number of fire resistance tests the company hoped that the product would receive the building materials classification B1 ( flame resistant).
  • B1 is the key to the Building Inspectorate approval of the system (Rendered Board).
  • Herr Dipl. –Ing. Bernd Unger receives the commendation „Einfach genial“ (simply ingenious) from the German television station MDR and generates a great deal of interest among the viewers and industry specialists.
  • UNGER-DIFFUTHERM raises its profile within the timber-framed construction sector.
  • The ecological consumer magazine Ökotest awards the UNGER-DIFFUTHERM insulation system top marks.
  • Numerous new building projects follow due to a new level of consumer confidence.
  • The subsidised, established industrial competitors attempt to thwart the progress of the company Unger Diffutherm.
  • The European Prize for Innovation was awarded for cost minimisation in the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings in the category ‘Residential Building and Urban Development’.
  • The German Carpentry Association (BDZ) warns its members against the use of our system as it has not yet received a Building Inspectorate approval.
  • A new attempt is made to secure a Building Inspectorate approval.
  • Claims for damages are made against the company to the order of several hundred thousand German Marks – even though no cases of damage exist!
  • After a new round of discussions the long desired goal is reached: the issue of the approval for timber constructions under the number Z-9.1-523.
  • The Unger Diffutherm renderable wood-fibre board finds more and more proponents.
  • The management of the company is enriched by the son, Norman Unger, joining the company.
  • A year later the company is issued the Approval for mineral substrates under the number Z-33.43-204.
  • Numerous additional reference buildings are insulated with the established insulation system.
  • The company moves to new premises.
  • The new development and the first tests of a water vapour regulating base coat render.
  • This is to be used in applications for the interior wall insulation of the UNGER-DIFFUTHERM System.
  • Further improvements are made to the colour pigment quality and service quality in the manufacture of coloured fine quality renders and paints.
  • The use of the latest optoelectronics in measurement technologies and spectral cameras in order to calibrate foreign colour tones for the in-house production - based upon numerous customer requests.
  • The first imitation products (forgeries) appear on the market – with serious consequences for the purchasers as they discovered later.
  • The first extension of the approval for timber constructions until 2009 under Z-33.47-663.
  • Loam building materials are included in the product range for ecological interior building projects.
  • This is intended as the ideal combination to the existing insulation system - the current UdiLOAM–System.
  • Tests are made on a new type of combined sandwich-layer insulation board.
  • Due to increasing demand, investments are made in further production equipment for UNGER-DIFFUTHERM insulation boards.
  • The initial development work of a 40 mm insulation board for use in the renovation of pre-fabricated houses.
  • Our activities go far beyond the German borders : Alongside Belgium and Austria, we also have requests from France, Spain, Italy, England and Japan for UNGER-DIFFUTHERM products.
  • The premiere for the introduction of the brand name UDI.
  • Udi stands for Unger-Diffutherm: Umweltfreundlich (Environmentally-friendly) geDämmt(insulated) and Innovative.
  • The company is able to make further exciting developments relating to the sandwich-layer insulation element with integrated climate chambers.
  • The issuance of the patent rings in a new era in the insulation system market.
  • Further market launches of innovative products from Unger Diffutherm follow.
  • The introduction of the flexible wood-fibre insulation board UdiFLEX and the system UdiSTEAM for complete air and wind tightness.
  • A specially commissioned team of technicians takes on the specific research tasks for an additional new system.
  • Project UdiRECO begins.
  • The extension of the approval in monolithic areas until 2012 under Z-33.43-204.
  • In 2007 follows a notional and to this point unheard of thrust with the name – Long Term Guarantee System.
  • With this guarantee package the successful introduction of the systems UdiFRONT and UdiIN in the European market is undertaken.
  • After completing a commercial diploma, Norman Unger buys a share in the company.
  • Apprenticeship positions are created within the company for sales persons for wholesale and foreign trade.
  • Due to the successes achieved in the UdiRECO project it is possible to start making preparations for the market launch.
  • The long-term guarantee package is offered for the first time in Germany.
  • With this long-term guarantee package, the company Unger Diffutherm is once again the undisputed market leader.
  • The inventor and his team provide developers and tradesmen with systems of the highest levels of reliability and security.
  • The inventor, visionary and businessman Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Unger explains to the specialist press and specialist public his innovations for 2008:
  • UdiSPEED (40 mm Render bearer board) and upon successful completion of the test series UdiCLIMATE (interior insulation system with climate chambers).
  • Investment in a new machine with an increased extraction capacity for the manufacture of UdiSPEED.
  • Further investment in a larger production system in order to provide the extra capacity needed for the manufacture of UdiRECO.
  • Promising presentation of the first ETIC system with integrated surface levelling compensation features.
  • UdiRECO is warmly received by the specialist public at the BAU building exhibition in Munich.
  • We are happy to announce a reduction in prices in our new UdiPRICELIST for 2009.
  • The first buildings renovated and insulated using UdiRECO are a great success. The project was completed without any problems and at a lower cost than the developer had expected.
  • The successful insulation system UdiRECO is now also being used in building interiors.
  • New manufacturing facilities are activated.
  • The adjustable, combination insulation board UdiRECO establishes itself in the market as a new interior insulation system and is available in the thicknesses 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 mm.
  • After a 2 year development phase, our ingenious employees achieved a very special highlight: UdiSTONE.
  • This multi-talent for ecological, interior building creates great interest within the construction sector.

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