Insulation of external walls
Regardless of whether your project is a new or existing building or a modernisation, here you will find a made to measure exterior wall insulation solution to meet your needs.
Interior Wood-Fibre Insulation
If the exterior of the building can not be altered then the only remaining option is to insulate from the inside. Our ingenious range of interior insulation systems offers the ideal solution for every building.
Loam Products
Here you will find our modern loam building products made from clay minerals and sand components.
Roof Insulation
More than a third of all energy consumed in a house is lost through the roof. Here you can select the ideal insulation system or individual components for your roof.
Air- & Wind-Proof
With these specially designed systems your building is optimally protected against energy losses and remains permanently diffusion-permeable to combat condensation and mould growth.
Accessories and Tools
Every chain is only a strong as its weakest link. Our wide range of accessories provides you with everything you need to ensure that all our systems are installed and function perfectly.
Colour Fan
Our basic colour range is borrowed from Mother Nature to offer you a choice of 84 warm colour tones. The Trend tones are very popular because they are simply that - trendy! If you have special colour wishes, just ask us. Express yourself through...
Render Systems
Every building and resident places different demands on the efficiency and optical characteristics of the surface. Our range encompasses five different systems.
Façade Paint Systems
Designed to complement our fine quality render/plaster systems or for use according to your individual wishes. With our paint systems you can set your own personal note on both the interior and exterior of your building.

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