Udi FLEX Flexible wood-fibre insulation

Due to its adaptability, snug fitting characteristics and resistance to settling it is particularly suited as insulation for voids, exterior and partition walls and ceilings in timber-framed constructions. It is also an excellent roof insulation material for newly constructed buildings and the modernisation of existing stock. It is very kind to the skin and does not cause any irritation when preparing or installing

UdiFLEX Insulation knife

For simple and waste-free preparation on-site. Our specially designed insulation knife provides a clean-cut edge and is particularly easy to use. It is manufactured from top quality stainless steel with a scalloped cutting edge


Product Characteristics

  • A flexible, diffusion permeable wood-fibre insulation material with excellent
  • insulating properties
  • Regulates the air moisture through its high absorption properties
  • It is structurally stable, does not tear and has high resistance to settling
  • Provides a very snug fit and firm hold in void installations
  • Kind to the skin and irritation-free
  • Ecological and environmentally-friendly – manufactured from sustainable timber sources
  • Excellent thermal retention capacity for a super heat-shield in the summer
  • Outstanding insulation properties against the cold
  • No condensation leakage
  • Simple to use and easy to install
  • Resonance-free acoustic absorption
  • Recyclable


Delivery form

  • Delivered on palettes; weather-resistant packaging (not waterproof)

Installation information

  • UdiFLEX is suitable for use in the following areas (in accordance with EN 4108-10): Insulation between rafters; double-skin roofs; covered or non-covered attic floors; interior insulation of ceilings and roofs; insulation under the rafters of the bearer construction; suspended ceilings etc.; exterior wall insulation behind cladding in timber-framed constructions or curtain walls; the insulation of timber-framed constructions and other similar timber constructions; the insulation of partition walls.
  • For simple and waste-free preparation on-site, we recommend the use of the UdiFLEX Insulation knife. Our specially designed insulation knife provides a clean-cut edge and is particularly easy to use. It is manufactured from top quality stainless steel with a scalloped cutting edge. To ensure a professional result when cutting large quantities, we recommend the use of an electric knife or saw with vacuum extraction such as a jigsaw with a scalloped edge, a crosscut saw, a band saw or a circular saw.

    For more information on machines please call +49 (0) 371-81 56 40 or enquire at your nearest UdiSpecialist merchant.

In order to meet the increasing demands expected of thermal insulation and
to avoid building damage, we recommend our
UdiSTEAM Air- & Wind-Proof products for the building exterior.

Technical Data UdiFLEX wood fibre insulation



• Roofs

• The interior face of external walls

• Ceilings
• Partition walls

Format (cm)

insulation thicknesses (mm)

135 x 57.5

40,   50,  60,   80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240

Application types for wood-fibre insulation
DIN 4108-10

DAD-dg/ -dm, DAA, DZ, DI-zk/-zg, WAB-dg/-dm, WH, WI-zk/-zg, WTR

Tests / Approvals

DIBT Berlin

Insulation boards

Wood fibres
Binding fibres <7%

Thermal conductivity λ
(Design value)

0.038 W/ (m K)

Water vapour diffusion resistance

coefficient µ

Specific enthalpy capacity c 2100 J/ (kg K)

Apparent density ρ ca. 55 kg/ m³

Building materials class DIN 4102-1 B 2

Euro class DIN EN 13501-1 E

CE - Labelling

Quality control


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