Loam Products


Udi LOAM Base Render
Exclusively for interior use. It is used to render or repair walls (half-timbered) or for the complete coverage of the

UdiUNGER-DIFFUTHERM wood-fibre insulation boards.
It promotes the capillary conductivity of the interior wall insulation and is excellent for the bedding-in of concealed wall-heating systems. A single coat thickness of up to 20 mm is possible.

UdiLOAM Fine Render
Exclusively for interior use. Serves as an attractive finishing coat in a warm natural shade and for bedding-in UdiREINFORCEMENT Strengthening mesh or UdiLOAM Jute Mesh. The product does not contain straw and has a granularity of 0–1 mm.

UdiLOAM Fine Render Natural Finery
This pleasant, natural render is supplied ready to use directly from the bucket. It is suitable for both smooth and structured finishes. It is available in the two darkest shades of each colour from our colour spectrum. Other colours from alternative colour systems can be supplied upon request.

Loam system surface treatment products

UdiLOAM Binding Agent
Binds and protects the sandy
surface of the loam coating
without affecting the physical
properties of the loam coating.

Supplied in concentrated form.

Dilutable with water.

UdiLOAM Paint Primer
Special primer and adhesive
bonding agent for
UdiLOAM Interior Paint.

It is recommended in order to
avoid discolouration of the
UdiLOAM Interior Paint.

UdiLOAM Interior Paint
Suitable as a finishing coat in interior areas for UdiLOAM renders or other surface substrates. Pre-treatment with UdiLOAM Paint Primer may be necessary in some cases. UdiLOAM Interior Paint is coloured according to our current UdiColour System 2008. It is available in the two darkest shades of each colour from our colour spectrum.



UdiLOAM Jute Mesh
This ecological mesh is used as
a reinforcement and bedded into
the upper third of the loam render
coating nearest the surface in
order to prevent hairline cracks

Product Characteristics

> sourced from selected clay pits and containing only natural components without any additives.

> climate regulating action to actively improve the room climate by positively affecting the moisture distribution and capillary conductivity (specially recommended for allergy-sufferers)

> air cleaning properties through the binding of harmful substances and odours

> high level of thermal reflectivity ensures a warm, comfortable room climate

> for machines employing spiral pumps the product must be used in paste form


Delivery form

> Paper sacks and Big-Bag delivered on palettes; weather-resistant wrapping (not waterproof)

> Bucket – ready to use


Handling/usage information and technical datasheets

> see www.unger-diffutherm.com


Layer composition

Layer 1: UdiLOAM Base Render with  UdiLOAM Jute Mesh or UdiREINFORCEMENT Strengthening Mesh

Layer 2: UdiLOAM Fine Render or UdiLOAM Fine Render Natural Finery. A finishing coat of paint is not required.



UdiLOAM Building Slabs (M 20 – M 22)
A low-cost option for the construction of cladding/facings. Available in 20, 30 and 60 mm thicknesses. They are laid offset to one another and pointed using loam mortar.


UdiLOAM Building Blocks (M 30 – M 31)
Enables the quick construction of walls. They are laid offset to one another and pointed using loam mortar.

UdiLOAM Building Bricks (M 40 – M 42)
For constructing dividing walls, skins and facings – ideal in combination with UdiFLEX for filling the compartments between timbers in half-timbered buildings.

UdiLOAM Mortar (M 50/M 51)
Simply mix with water and apply. Used for pointing loam bricks, blocks and slabs and as a levelling material for uneven surfaces.


UdiLOAM Dry Powder (M 60)
Used to make loam slurry for manual rendering or machine spraying. May also be combined with loam mortar or loam render to produce a finer mixture.

Loam is a natural material - the result of millennia of erosion. This mixture of clay minerals and sandy components has served mankind for thousands of years as a tried and tested building material. We have rediscovered its benefits and developed them to produce a range of modern, high-quality building products. Our loam building materials provide protection from electrosmog, regulate moisture for an optimal room climate, absorb unhygienic smells, conserve timber constructions and have excellent thermal storage properties to retain the heat of the sun or other internal sources of warmth such as ovens or heating systems. Apart from numerous other applications, our products are designed for use in all rooms where one would like to feel comfortable. Our loam building materials are made from high-quality clay with fresh wood shavings and are subject to regular quality controls. Both tradesmen and DIY builders will find our loam building elements easy to work with for professional results. This ease of use makes low-cost constructions without long drying periods possible.

UdiLOAM Infill (M 70)
For use as a thermal storage mass and for sound-proofing. For filling voids in ceiling and floor areas. Delivered in a dried form.

UdiLOAM Insulation Infill (M 80)
Cork granulate for use with light loam infills. High-quality, biological, recycled insulation material.

Render bearer



UdiLOAM Reed Matting (M 91)
Serves as a stable render bearer, for the reinforcement of traditional multi-layer render and as a concealed bearer material for Udi Loam Infill.

Height 2.0 m, Length 5 m.

Other sizes available upon request.

Thermal conductivity: 0.056 W/mK

Product Characteristics

> Usage: Non-structural interior applications, self-supporting to a height of 3.5m

> Water vapour permeable, active capillary effect with an excellent sorption capacity

> Airborne sound insulation 44 dB

> Dimensional accuracy: +/- 2 mm

> Disposal: 100% recyclable or compostable

> Harmful substances: None during manufacture or installation/handling or user phase

> No radon emissions



> Thin dry-walls or partition walls

> Bearer for embedded wall heating systems or brick-lining in half-timbered buildings

> As a concealed bearer material for insulation materials


Handling / usage information

> see www.unger-diffutherm.com


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