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For property owners, developers and planners, maintaining the value of older and newly constructed buildings is an ongoing task.
With our special focus on energy efficiency, our outstanding UdiBRAND products help you achieve this goal. For 20 years UNGER-DIFFUTHERM has been researching, developing, producing and marketing environmentally-friendly, innovative and energy-saving natural wood-based insulation systems.
In order to continue to meet the high structural and cultural standards in Europe,
UNGER-DIFFUTHERM GmbH, still produces and develops top quality products in the economically successful region of Chemnitz at the foot of the Erz mountains in the West-Saxony region of Germany. In the areas of the supply of raw materials, production, administration and sales, UNGER-DIFFUTHERM provides employment for around 150 employees across Europe. The properties of our products are reflected in our company name - UNGER-DIFFUTHERM: DIFFU – Our vapour-permeable systems are able to DIFFUSE the collected water vapour back into the air. THERM – They provide excellent levels of THERMAL insulation.
Improved living quality for you + and climate protection for our world.
Over 50,000 contented customers are proof of the growing success of UNGER-DIFFUTHERM GmbH. Only UNGER-DIFFUTHERM offers uniform high Quality with a new 15 year guarantee package. We set new standards for the industry.
All UNGER-DIFFUTHERM products carry the CE- and U-symbols. They are manufactured according to the current, applicable standards and are technically approved by the Building Inspectorate. UNGER-DIFFUTHERM develops modern, technically proven, ecological wood-fibre insulation systems. The continued development of new and existing products remains the focus of our efforts. In response to the continuous growth in the demand for our high quality UNGER-DIFFUTHERM products, in Germany alone we have built up a dense network of over 70 specialist merchants in the sales areas of timber, building materials and paint and plaster products. We are actively engaged in extending this network in other European countries. All system merchants with warehouses hold stocks of our products on site.

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