Quality Assurance - UNGER-DIFFUTHERM stands for quality. This is confirmed again and again by our customers. In order to remain true to this aim, UNGER-DIFFUTHERM takes all steps necessary. All our insulation systems and associated products are subject to continuous factory inspections and regular third-party controls by recognised certification bodies. All insulation boards carry the CE- and Ü- symbol and are manufactured according the applicable standard. The thermal insulation composite systems (UdiFRONT or UdiIN) also have Building Inspectorate official technical approval.


The environmentally friendly External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) UdiFRONT from renewable wood fibre has been certified by the German Institute for Construction Technology in Berlin (DIBT) with the European ETA.

ETA 11-0341

CE- Symbol

CE, is the abbreviation for Communauté Européenne. This is a guideline for the conformity of the product. It shows that the manufacturer has complied with the requirements of the harmonised European product standard EN 13171. The product characteristics are presented in terms of a classification. The use of the CE symbol on products confirms this conformity and is supported by the compliance declaration. All products bearing this symbol are authorised for sale within the European Community. National applications are regulated by application standards (see Ü-Symbol).

Ü-Symbol = German certificate of
building product conformity

Wood-fibre insulation materials which are employed for building construction are subject to the legal requirements for building products. The Ü-symbol confirms that the product conforms to these technical rules and requirements. The use and application of insulation materials is regulated in Germany by the industry standard DIN V 4108-10.


The international environmental organisation whose aim is the development of a culture of sustainability within the building sector. This sector still negatively impacts upon the health of inhabitants, process workers and the environment – natureplus wants to change this situation.  To this aim the association has developed a label to help future-oriented building products to reach a far stronger and sustainable market position.


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