Protection against the cold

The naturally good insulation values of wood have been improved by up to 80% by the special manufacturing process used in UdiQuality Insulation systems. In addition, the outstanding heat absorption characteristics of natural wood, which exceed those of most other building materials, help to ensure a comfortable level of warmth.

In the winter months the UdiQuality Insulation systems retain the generated warmth in your home for longer and the wood fibres reduce the heat loss. The thermal conductivity  Lambda (λ) of the UdiQuality Insulation systems start at a level of 0.038 W/mK for UdiFLEX and currently reach a level of 0.050 W/mK for UdiTOP Premium. It is not only the outstanding heat insulation characteristics of UdiQuality Insulation systems that make them the systems of choice for thermal insulation constructions.

Here are some of the other advantages:
Tongue and groove construction without thermal bridges
High compressive strength when installed
The sandwich-layer construction prolongs the heat retention

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