Heat-shield protection

We all know that sort of weather! Too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.
Perfect insulation shouldn’t only keep out the cold in the winter but also maintain a cool, comfortable room climate in the summer. Certain positive physical characteristics of building materials provide an effective heat shield.  
Optimal insulation materials exhibit a relatively high integral mass and due to their uniform fibre structure are naturally able to store a great amount of heat for long periods.
These positive characteristics mean that the heat is not transmitted directly in to the interior of the building but is stored in the roof or the walls during the day and then released again during the night.
UdiQuality Insulation systems provide these benefits. On a hot summer’s day it is quite common for the roof area to get quite warm. Insulating your roof with UdiTOP provides a superior interior room climate compared to conventional insulation systems based on oil or glass, helping you to sleep better in the summer. An insulation depth of only 18cm can provide a heat shield of up to 10 hours.  There is an increasing demand for insulation systems from UNGER-DIFFUTHERM in Mediterranean countries as these obviate the need for air-conditioning systems.

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