Radon Barrier

Radon Barrier

Installation instructions UdiPROTECT Radonstop

The surface to be covered should be clean, free of dust and level. UdiPROTECT Radonstop should be laid with the green side inward with a 15cm overlap and fixed using two applications of UdiSTEAMFIX System Adhesive.


Adjoining building elements, penetrations and edges within the area to be covered should also be properly sealed and should be glued to a height of at least 15 cm.

The sheeting should be free from damage and should not be installed in frosty conditions. It is then possible to use a screeded or similar finish.


UdiPROTECT Radonstop
Robust and proven vapour and radon
barrier for special applications in buildings which are affected or endangered by radon. PET-bonded. UV and alkali resistant.

sd-value DIN EN 12572/A: > 1200 m.


What is Radon?

Radon is an odourless, invisible gas which is produced due to the radioactive decay of uranium in the ground. It can therefore be classified as radioactive. The latest information about its effects indicates that radon represents a high, environmentally-related radiation problem in enclosed rooms – strangely its effects are often underestimated and ignored by the general public. Radon can accumulate in our organs and cause cancer. Planners, installers and developers should, in cases of doubt, seek the binding advice of specialists and obtain the necessary measurements. It is possible to solve the problem of radon through structural measures and thus protect your health. If you require further information please contact us.

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