Increased transparency
09.December 2009

Increased transparency

Why provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

The EPC documents the energy efficiency of the property and is a type of quality-seal for the building or apartment. It provides the prospective tenant/purchaser with more transparency as it enables a comparison with other similar properties, based upon a standardised assessment system. The assessment takes into account the quality of the building skin including the windows; roofs and ceilings; the ventilation system (if available); the heating and hot water system and the type of fuel used.

The certificate also includes a section on the estimated energy use. This is based on standardised assumptions about occupancy and heating patterns. An estimate of the current and potential energy use, carbon emissions and fuel costs for lighting, heating and hot water is provided. Although the actual energy use depends on the behaviour of the occupants, it provides a reasonable basis for comparison with similar properties.


Increased transparency

Why provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?[more]


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